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Pay Per Click or PPC Management

PPC is known as Pay Per Click. PPC Management can be defined as a process of online advertisement in which advertiser need to pay a fee each time one of their ads is being clicked. Or it can also be said that you are buying visits to your website.

Advertisers can bid for ad placement into search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches on a particular keyword that is related to their product and services or business offerings.

For Example:

Suppose you have a business of caterer and someone is looking for catering services online or types Catering Services, then your ad might appear on the top spot of Search Engine if you have taken PPC.

Each time the ad is being clicked the visitor would be served by your website in return you will have to pay a particular (predefined or determined by the publisher) amount to Search Engine for that click.

It is also known as Cost Per Click.

But the problem is to find out a good PPC expert because there are a lot of things to do in PPC and a proper management is necessary for this. It is long process from researching and selecting the keywords, to organizing those keywords in too well organize campaigns and ad groups and also to setting up PPC landing pages those are optimized for conversions.

There are some basic benefits which you can get from Search Engines i.e., if your landing pages and the ads are generating good web traffic while meeting all the parameters of a particular search engine that you must go for PPC to get good business and Auctor Technology offers campaign management and strategies services to increase your web presence with good amount of business against your investment.

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Let's see the Power of Internet Marketing

Auctor Technology is expertise of SEO services; we have already proven our capability by providing the quality SEO services to our clients. We create links for your website on popular websites, which helps you to get more and more visitors, along with many more.

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Internet Marketing is also known as Online Marketing. Internet marketing can be consider as the process of Promoting a Brand, Products or Services over the Internet with the help of Different-2 Techniques. Such as Email Marketing, Electronic Customer Relationship Management or any kind of promotional activities that are being done with the help of Wireless Media.


The main purpose of a website owner is to target the most relevant web traffic through their websites. But each web user cannot get in touch with you because there are thousands of other businesses who are in to the same trade and running the websites. While is become an effective way to serve or reach each more web users by placing proper keywords and descriptions on the website.


Website development is a crucial part of any business owner as website has to define the product and services of one, so first of all our experts understand the needs and requirements of business owners and the competition in the market and then we design website in such a way that becomes eye catching while following each and every parameter of the search engines.


We develop all size of software starting from API's, ERP to CRMs, we can customize software according to clients need and expectations while making it sure that we have to provide a long term assistant for all kinds of bugs and future concerns. A software that we develop can be upgraded with a newer version just connecting to our server site.

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